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Friday, 28th December 2012
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Singapore exchange programme to boost Japanese bowling

Japan is taking part in an exchange programme with Singapore in a bid to boost its reputation in the world of bowling.

Once known for its expertise in the sport, Japan's ability has declined in recent times.

But it hopes to change that by sending youngsters on a three-day trip to Singapore, according to an article on

A total of 12 Japanese students, aged 12 to 17 years, have travelled to Singapore to see how the country consistently produces world champions.

During their trip, the youngsters will compete against Singapore's finest youth bowlers, as well as visiting the Singapore Sports School Bowling Academy.

Tomokatsu Yamashita, a member of the Japan Bowling Congress' coaching staff, revealed: "We don't have that kind of school in Japan."

Singapore should also benefit from the exchange programme as, despite not leading the world rankings, Japan's bowlers attract plenty of corporate sponsorship.

Mervyn Foo, technical director of the Singapore Bowling Federation, told the news provider: "They have a very huge professional league over there and we want to tap on their expertise on that.

"So with this collaboration we will not only (invite) them to come over but for our players to go over and compete in Japan."

Written by Graham McPherson