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Monday, 26th November 2012
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Japanese power company requests energy price hikes

Japan's Kansai Electric Power Company has officially submitted a request today (November 26th) to the minister of Economy, Trade and Industry for permission to raise electricity rates for all customers, effective from April 1st, 2013.

The price hikes are due to the firm's inability to predict when it will be able to restart its nuclear power plants following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

It stated that it is doing all it can to ensure the safe and stable provision of electric power.

This includes increasing output from its thermal power plants, installing a gas turbine at the Himeji number one power station and resuming operations at the Kainan Power Station Unit 2.

Because of this the burden of thermal fuel costs has risen significantly, stated the company.

After having cut-down on staff, advertising and other expenses, while attempting to increase management efficiency, the firm stated that it must request the price increases.

An increase of 11.88 per cent in rates for regulated industries and 19.23 per cent for liberalised industries was requested.

"Going Forward, the company will continue its efforts to boost overall output, including by restarting our nuclear power facilities," stated the firm.

Posted by Susan Ballion