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Tuesday, 16th September 2008
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Japan's NGOs 'strengthening' global presence

Japanese non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have strengthened their international presence in the last few years, it has been claimed.

Tetsuya Myojo, chief executive of the NGO Peace Winds Japan which provides emergency aid and post-conflict development, commented: "People in the world expect Japan to offer something different from Western countries [...] Many expect a greater technological aspect to aid from Japan."

Mr Myojo said many people are unaware of the work done by Japanese NGOs, frequently confusing them with confrontational anti-whaling or anti-capitalist organisations.

Private companies, however, are taking more notice of the work performed by NGOs, reported Japan Today.

"They contact us offering their collaboration," said Mr Myojo.

Peace Winds Japan was set up in 1996. The organisation is currently active in countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Since its inception, the NGO has worked toward the core aim of providing "necessary support to people in need".