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Wednesday, 26th September 2012
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Fake doctor arrested after examining 2,300 patients

A man who posed as a doctor and examined 2,300 patients was arrested on Monday, September 24th.

After finding the identity of a legitimate physician on the internet, 43 year old Miyabi Kuroki allegedly pretended to be a qualified doctor.

Mr Kuroki had no prior experience in the profession, nor had he studied medicine for any length of time, Jiji Press reported.

Recruited by an employment agency, he was reportedly sent to a Tokyo hospital to apply his "expertise" on over 2,300 people.

This included conducting examinations of electrocardiograms, disseminating results and conducting medical interviews with patients.

"I wanted money to pay child care and living expenses," said the suspect to investigators.

The man was caught after a medical exam study school became suspicious following one of his lessons.

Tokyo police confirmed the man was under arrest for allegedly forging a medical license and earning 2.62 million yen (£20,823) illegally.

The hospital where the suspect worked has apologised for the mistake and asked all former patients who saw him to return for re-testing.

Posted by  Mark Smith