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Tuesday, 25th September 2012
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Burger King Japan creates bamboo and squid ink Whopper

A black burger consisting of squid ink and bamboo charcoal has been created by Burger King Japan.

Invented to celebrate its fifth anniversary of opening for business, this burger will be sold for a limited time.

Named the "Kuro" burger which translates to black, it will be sold in every store for one day only on Friday September 28th.

The Kuro burger's black buns are made from dough that has been mixed with bamboo charcoal.

Within the burger there is paprika, tomato, beef and a squirt of black squid ink ketchup.

At a special price of 790 yen (£6.25) – a normal burger costs 890 yen (£7.05) - the Kuro will come as part of a deal with fries and a drink. It is claimed by the creators that the black burger will "punch you in the mouth with taste".

With this invention, the chain hopes to challenge preconceptions of what comprises a fast food burger.

Posted by  Susan Ballion

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