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Tuesday, 18th September 2012
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Kesha debuts new single on Tokyo subway

US pop princess Kesha has been enjoying some time in the Far East, after it was revealed that the singer debuted her latest single aboard a busy Tokyo subway train.

The 25-year-old, who is best known for her number one smash Tik Tok, headed to the bustling Asian city as part of the promotion for her latest track.

Entitled 'Die Young', the PR stunt saw Kesha belt out the chorus of her new single for the various silent and unsuspecting commuters using the public transit system that day.

The footage, which was shot in black-and-white, was subsequently uploaded to the video-sharing website YouTube, before being announced via her Twitter page where it has proved popular with her fans.

Performing the song a cappella, her loud vocals even woke up one sleeping businessman heading home from a busy working day.

Kesha is the latest big name to head to the Japanese capital, with Hollywood star Milla Jovovich recently in Tokyo to promote her latest zombie film "Resident Evil: Retribution".

Posted by Susan Ballion

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