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Friday, 17th August 2012
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Japan ranked among earth's healthiest oceans

Japan has been ranked among the countries with the world's healthiest oceans, it was revealed yesterday (August 16th).

The study, published in the journal Nature, took into account ten core factors that included biodiversity, food provision, clean water, tourism and coastal protection.

Some 171 countries and regions were given a score out of 100, with Japan nine points above the average of 60.

Although Japan fared better than most in the world, scientists expressed dismay that so much of the globe's seas are underperforming in terms of health.

The Ocean Health Index gave 32 countries a score below 50, with under-performing regions more likely to be in developing countries.

"Is the score far from perfect with ample room for improvement, or more than half way to perfect with plenty of reason to applaud success? I think it's both," said Dr Ben Halpern, lead author of the study.

While Japan performed well, the UK and the US were barely above average with scores of 62 and 63, respectively.

Posted by Mark Smith