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Wednesday, 15th August 2012
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Japan makes top 5 spot of world's healthiest countries

Japan has entered the top five rankings of the world's healthiest countries that saw places like Sweden, Germany and the UK fall outside of the best results.

Singapore trumped the list from Bloomberg, followed by Italy, Australia and Switzerland.

The diet of the Japanese may have gone some way to seeing the nation crowned the fifth healthiest in the world, after scoring a grade of 86.83 per cent, compared to Singapore's 89.45 per cent.

In compiling the results, Bloomberg examined countries with a population of at least one million, taking into account such risk factors as smoking, pollution and immunisation.

The Japanese diet is renowned for being healthy considering its plentiful quantities of vegetables, fish and green tea.

Generally, a Japanese citizen will have around 100 different kinds of foods per week, stressing the importance of variety.

In contrast, Britons consume an estimated 30 various foods per week, perhaps influencing its ranking of 21.

Posted by Susan Ballion