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Wednesday, 1st August 2012
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Japanese football coach admits draw was convenient

The coach of the Japanese women’s football team has admitted their draw against South Africa was convenient for the next stage in the Olympics.

Team Nadeshiko finished second in their table after a scoreless game in Cardiff against South Africa.

The result will see Japan remain in Wales for the quarter-finals battle against Brazil on Friday (August 3rd).

Although coach Norio Sasaki did not say his side engineered the draw in order to prevent the team having to travel to Glasgow for the next round, he conceded it was certainly an advantage.

He said: “Before the match I did not tell the players to draw the game, but if we had a situation during the game - we might have some kind of instruction to draw the game and it happened like that.”

Japan, who are the World Cup 2011 champions, avoided a clash with France, who will now take on Sweden for a place in the semi-finals.

Posted by Mark Smith