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Friday, 27th July 2012
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Japanese women are no longer the world's longest living

For the first time in over a quarter of a century, Japanese women have not been found the most likely to live the longest.

Global life expectancy rankings highlighted in an annual report by Japan's health ministry revealed Hong Kong had taken the top spot for female life expectancy.

Influencing factors included the twin disasters of March 2011, when an earthquake and resulting tsunami wiped out 20,000 civilians, who are either dead or missing.

In 2010, Japanese women were expected to live up to the age of 86.3, however, that fell to a 26-year low of 85.9 in 2011.

The natural disasters were not the only reasons behind the changes, with suicide increasingly common among the country's females.

Japanese men can also expect to live fewer years than previously, with the average life expectancy at 79.44, down from 79.55 in 2010.

The general wellbeing and longevity of Japanese women is believed to be down to their traditional healthy eating.

In 2007, authors Naomi Moriyama and William Doyle brought out a book entitled 'Japanese women don't get fat or old' detailing the dietary habits of the Japanese. 

Posted by Graham McPherson