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Friday, 13th July 2012
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Japan home to world's most expensive single-bed apartment?

If you thought forking out for a one-bedroom flat in the UK was pricy then you probably won't want to invest in a home in the Minamiazabu district of Tokyo.

That is because it could be home to the world's most expensive single-bedroom apartment, as listed by Sotheby's, which put it up for sale at an incredible cost of 1.8 billion yen (£14.7 million).

The price tag is probably no surprise to locals, however, as the district is renowned for being among the country's most prestigious regions.

Located in the 'The House Minami Azabu', the new owners can reportedly expect to find the apartment fully-furnished with decadent art and furniture from around the globe.

Celebrities and business tycoons are frequent visitors to the area, so whoever makes the purchase will no doubt be rubbing shoulders with the creme-del-creme of Japan.

Some of the amenities featured in the property include a Jacuzzi bath, walk-in-wardrobe and outdoor courtyard garden, not to mention a long hallway to impress visitors!

Posted by Graham McPherson