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Monday, 9th July 2012
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Protesters clean Tokyo streets in objection to copyright laws

A group of protesters banded together on Saturday (July 7th) to perform an unusual demonstration against new copyright laws that could lead to more people going to prison.

Around 80 people dressed in the style of hacker group 'Anonymous' turned up in the Shibuya district to collect rubbish as a way of expressing their objection to Japan's more stringent copyright legislation.

The group took about an hour to clean the streets in support of the wider cause of Anonymous, which aims to put a stop to internet censorship and surveillance.

New legislation could mean people in Japan serve jail terms for offences including pirating DVDs and downloading copyrighted material from the internet.

A recent statement believed to have been issued by Anonymous said: "The content industry is now publishing ISPs in Japan to implement surveillance technology that will spy on every single internet user in Japan."

Anonymous, marked out by their Guy Fawkes masks, first came to prominence in 2003.

Posted by Susan Ballion

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