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Thursday, 14th June 2012
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Japanese icon Seiko Matsuda marries university professor

Veteran songstress Seiko Matsuda has made headlines across Japan, by announcing that she has married for the third time.

The iconic 50-year-old pop star shot to fame in the 1980s and, despite marrying and having children, maintained her status as one of Japan's biggest stars.

Using her official website to make the news public, Matsuda revealed only that her husband was an associate university professor - declining the opportunity to identify him.

"I am beginning a new life with somebody from my own generation," the Daily Yomiuri quoted her as saying.

"I will continue to devote myself to singing songs that will last in people's minds forever."

Matsuda first married back in 1985 to the actor Masaki Kanda, with whom she had daughter Sayaka Kanda, the singer and actor who is now aged 25.

Following their separation, she then married for a second time in 1998, this time to a dentist.

During the course of her long and distinguished career, Matasuda has released more than 40 albums, leading the Japanese media to nickname her the 'Eternal Idol'.

Written by Graham McPherson

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