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Friday, 25th May 2012
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Runaway penguin returns home to zoo

A tale of bravery and narrow escapes has come to a close after the runaway Humboldt penguin that escaped from Tokyo Sea Life Park in March was captured and returned home.

After spending 82 days on the run, officials from the zoo in Japan finally caught up with the bird in the River Edo after being tipped off as to its whereabouts.

Having outwitted them for more than two months after it first escaped its enclosure, the bird known simply as Penguin Number 337 was picked up by two of the Sea Life Park's keepers hiding under a bridge.

Numerous sightings of the bird were claimed during its time as a fugitive, but the bird remained one step ahead of the search party, despite regularly being seen bathing in and around Tokyo Bay.

But now it is back, safe and sound, with the other 135 penguins that live at the park.

"We're relieved to see the penguin come back alive," commented Kazuhiro Sakamoto, the aquarium's vice head.

Written by Mark Smith