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Tuesday, 15th May 2012
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Japanese public toilet is 'world's largest'

The opening ceremonies for public toilets don't generally attract much attention, especially in Japan, which is renowned for its innovative approach to WCs.

Yet when the toilet in question claims to be the world's largest it is a slightly different story.

Indeed, a new women's public loo takes it to a whole new level with just one cubicle set within a 200 sq m garden.

To make it even more interesting, the cubicle is made entirely of glass, though there is a curtain to help preserve your modesty.

"There used to be no public toilets suitable for tourists' use [here]," a tourism official from the city told the Japan Times.

"We wanted to create toilets that drivers and their passengers could use as well."

It is now hoped that the new toilet will act as a tourist attraction during next year's Ichihara City Art Festival.

Japanese computer games firm Sega recently launched its 'Toylet', which allows people to play games while going to the loo.

Written by Susan Ballion