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Wednesday, 2nd May 2012
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Lady Gaga teacup auction passes $50,000 in Japan

Lady Gaga has put the teacup she used in Japan up for auction and bids in excess of $50,000 have already been made

The pop superstar used the cup and saucer during a Tokyo press conference shortly after the March 11th tsunami last year and promised at the time that she would auction it for charity.

It is inscribed with a Japanese message that read "we pray for Japan" and is signed by the best-selling artist. It also has a lipstick mark where she has kissed the cup.

Put up for auction by Yahoo! Japan Auctions on Monday with a starting price of just one yen, demand for the cup rocketed and quickly surpassed the $50,000 mark with more than 500 bids.

Proceeds from the sale will go towards a charity that funds Japanese artists to go and study across the Pacific in the US.

The Poker Face singer visited Japan twice in the months following the twin disasters last year and is due back in the country next week as part of her tour of Asia.

Written by Mark Smith