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Wednesday, 25th April 2012
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Yu Darvish outpitches Kuroda to steal the show

Yu Darvish is rapidly repaying the record-breaking posting fee paid for him by the Texas Rangers as he again helped his side to victory, this time against the New York Yankees.

Fellow countryman Hiroki Kuroda threw well for the Yankees but could not match Darvish's ten strike outs as the Rangers took a clean 2-0 victory over their rivals, the AFP reported.

It was a huge match-up between the two compatriots, with Darvish the most talked-about player in the world right now and Kuroda one of the most successful Japanese imports into Major League Basball ever.

Kuroda could not match Darvish's stamina however and was hit five times with two runs during his six two-third innings at the mound.

The right-handed Darvish remained composed throughout his eight one-third innings, however, before receiving a standing ovation when he left the game in the final inning.

Mike Napoli, the Rangers catcher tasked with soaking up the heat from Darvish, said they are beginning to make a great team.

"It was easy for me," he told the news agency.

"We used every pitch imaginable. He has so many pitches. I am starting to learn them well and things are going really good."

Written by Mark Smith