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Monday, 23rd April 2012
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Teenager's football found in Alaska after Japanese tsunami

Misaki Murakami lost everything when his house and all his possessions were destroyed during the March 11th tsunami last year, but now he has something to celebrate.

The 16-year-old boy received a phone call out of the blue this weekend from a Japanese woman who lives in Alaska and found the ball while beach combing, with his name still inscribed on it, the Associated Press reported.

Though his football was washed out to sea during the disaster, it survived the journey across the Pacific Ocean and will soon be making its way back to him.

"It was a big surprise," he said. "I've never imagined that my ball has reached Alaska," the news agency quoted.

"I've lost everything in the tsunami. So I'm delighted. I really want to say thank you for finding the ball."

David Baxter and his Japanese wife Yumi found the ball among debris that had washed up on the shore and are now sending it back to him.

The revelation is another startling piece of positive news to come from the disaster, just days after another Japanese teenager was informed that her volleyball had also been found in Alaska.

Nearly 16,000 people are reported to have died in the tsunami.

Written by Graham McPherson