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Wednesday, 4th April 2012
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Japanese scientists make hair-thin solar battery

Japanese scientists have developed a solar battery that is so thing it is possible to wrap it around a hair.

Measuring just 1.8 micrometers deep, the battery is more reminiscent of a piece of camera film, the Mainichi Daily reported.

It was made by applying a specially developed semiconductor ink to a piece of plastic film and the researchers believe it will have uses as a power supply in medical procedures as well as in space.

A single gram of the solar battery - approximately 0.25 square metres - generates ten watts. What's more, when folded, creased or bent it maintains the same level of energy efficiency.

Professor Tsuyoshi Sekitani, a member of the Tokyo University research team behind the development, said: "The battery can efficiently gather solar energy. I hope it helps with the spread of clean energy," the news provider quoted.

The findings of the study have been published in the internet publication 'Nature Communications'.

Meanwhile, researchers in Japan have also created a robot that can mimic the actions of its human controllers in the style of the hit movie Avatar.


Written by Susan Ballion