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Monday, 5th March 2012
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Tokyo penguin escapes from aquarium

Tokyo is home to a stray penguin after the bird escaped from the city's aquarium.

The penguin has now been on the loose for over a month after it escaped from the facility and the aquarium is calling on people to report any sightings of the bird, the Mainichi Times reported.

Tokyo Sea Life Park in the Edogawa Ward reported that the Humboldt penguin chick escaped on February 4th after a worker at a nearby bird sanctuary spotted it swimming in the Kyu-Edogawa River.

Checks confirmed that a penguin was indeed missing from the aquarium, and it is thought that the chick made a daring escape after hopping over the low fencing that surrounds the penguin tank.

Sea Life Park officials said: "We apologise for causing trouble to local residents. Although the penguin will unlikely harm human beings, please contact our aquarium if you spot it, without trying to capture or chase it," the news provider quoted.

The black-headed Humboldt penguin grows up to 70cm tall and is considered a threatened species.

Written by Mark Smith

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