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Wednesday, 29th February 2012
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Japan completes world's second-highest building

Japan is now officially home to the world's highest communications tower and second-tallest building after construction of its iconic Tokyo Sky Tree was completed.

Though it was finished two months behind schedule following the disruption caused by last year's tsunami and earthquake, tourism chiefs believe it will be a big pull for foreign visitors, AFP reported.

Standing a staggering 634m tall, the Sky Tree dwarfs China's 600m Canton Tower in Guangzhou and the 553m CN Tower in Toronto, Canada.

The only building taller than it in the world is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which stands a cloud-touching 828m tall.

Confirming that the completed structure is sound, a spokeswoman for the operating firm said: "The construction was originally scheduled to finish in December 2011 but was delayed due to a shortage of supplies after the disaster," the news agency quoted.

A total of 580,000 people worked on the construction project, with the total cost coming in at around 65 billion yen (£507 million).

Visitors to the Tokyo Sky Tree can enjoy one of two observation decks, situated 350m and 450m above the ground.

Obayashi Corp, the firm responsible for building the Sky Tree, said last week that it would like to use carbon nanotubes to build an elevator into space.

Written by Kimberley Homer