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Monday, 6th February 2012
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Pharmaceuticals firm receives Japanese patent

Pharmaceuticals company Venus Remedies has been granted its first patent from the Japan Patent Office for its new research product Vancoplus.

The India-based company now plans to launch the Vancoplus, which is designed to fight bacterial resistance to MRSA, in early 2015.

Vancoplus works by restricting the efflux pump - which is the mechanism responsible for the extrusion of the toxic substances and antibiotics outside the cell. According to Venus Remedies, the drug is not only cost-effective but reduces treatment time.

Vancoplus is currently available in a number of emerging markets and Venus Remedies plans to licence the product to major pharmaceutical companies across patent-protected regions.

The company has been granted a patent from the US, South Africa, New Zealand and Ukraine.

Japan has a rising ageing population and high levels of expenditure on healthcare services. The country has the second largest per capita spending in the Asia Pacific region.

Written by Mark Smith