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Wednesday, 1st February 2012
In Japan Entertainment News,

Enjoy urban fishing in Japan

Urban fishing is just one of the activities tourists can enjoy on a trip to Japan, a travel writer has said.

According to the Guardian's Justin McCurry, fishing enthusiasts need not venture to Japan's rural or coastal area to catch a fish - there are plenty of opportunities right in the centre of Tokyo.

Mr McCurry pointed out that it is possible to catch freshwater fish in the Sumida and Tamagawa rivers, as well as in the Ichigaya Fish Centre, which features a collection of five rectangular pools filled with small carp and fed by water from the Kanda river.

The fish centre is ideal for tourists who want a gentle and easy day of angling, as well as those that are new to the pursuit.

"Ichigaya might also appeal to those with a competitive streak: anglers weigh their catch at the end of each hour - reach seven kg and you can fish free for another hour," Mr McCurry added.

Written by Mark Smith