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Thursday, 22nd December 2011
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Japanese police reconstruct super car pile-up

Police in Yamaguchi investigating the cause of the major motorway accident involving 14 of the world's most expensive luxury sports cars earlier in December have reconstructed the series of events which led to the pile-up.

Nine of the drivers who were involved in the crash, which became one of the world's most talked-about events after photos of the smash appeared on the internet, joined police in a run-through of the accident, the Mainichi Daily reported.

It is believed that a Ferrari which was leading the pack of drivers lost control and skidded into the central barrier at around 10.15am, causing a chain reaction in which 13 other vehicles crashed.

The man behind the wheel of the Ferrari, meanwhile, has admitted speeding when the accident occurred.

"I don't know if my insurer will pay the full cost of the car if I made a major mistake," the news provider quoted him as saying.

Eight Ferraris, three Mercedes-Benz and one Lamborghini were among those involved in the crash, which was dubbed the most expensive pile-up in Japanese history.

Written by Kimberley Homer