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Wednesday, 7th December 2011
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Japan was devastated by double-wave, researchers discover

The March 11th disaster that devastated Japan was caused by the combination of two waves forming a tsunami in a phenomenon never before recorded, researchers discovered.

Scientists at Nasa and Ohio State University revealed satellite footage caught the sight in a “one in ten million chance” as it detected the waves erupting from a 9.0 magnitude earthquake.

Although it is thought the 1960 Chilean tsunami, which killed 200 people in Japan and Hawaii, was a similar event, research scientist at Nasa’s jet propulsion laboratory, Y Tony Song, said: “Nobody had definitely observed a merging tsunami until now.”

This could go a long way to explaining the tragic loss of almost 20,000 people as Japan is generally thought to be well-equipped to deal with such natural disasters.

Mr Song suggested this finding could help to prevent similar devastation in the future as forecasters would be able to tell when tsunami waves would merge.

He added: “This in turn could lead to more accurate coastal tsunami hazard maps to protect communities and critical infrastructure.”

Last week, the Vancouver Sun reported that a giant washing machine would be used to clean debris contaminated by the Fukushima leak.

Posted by Mark Smith