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Tuesday, 15th November 2011
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150 fly to Pyongyang as Japan defeated

The government granted travel to 150 hopeful football fans to North Korea to witness their home team compete in the final qualifying round for the 2014 World Cup.

However, Japanese followers will be disappointed as a report from Reuters revealed the team was beaten 1-0 by their historic rivals.

This is inconsequential to the Japanese side, who represent the best in Asian football and are all already through to the next round of the competition.

Yet, everything was a stake when it came to pride, as tensions between the two nations hit a peak following the 1970s abduction of visitors who were used to train North Korean spies in Japanese customs and culture.

The unfriendly atmosphere kicked in as the Japanese team was detained for four hours at baggage and immigration upon entering North Korea for Tuesday’s match (November 15th).

As the game kicked off, North Korean spectators insulted their rivals by booing during the Japanese national anthem.

Visitors to the capital were advised to stay in large groups and keep a low-profile as they tried to enjoy their exclusive journey to Pyongyang.

Posted by Mark Smith