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Thursday, 27th October 2011
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Fish peddler revives business in wake of March 11th

A fish peddler has re-imagined her business from her temporary accommodation in the Fukushima Prefecture following the devastating effects of the March 11th disaster.

At 72-years of age Naka Shiga is an inspiration for many as she survived the tsunami and overcame the many obstacles the aftermath posed by proving she could not be kept down, the Yomiuri Daily revealed.

Shiga came from a tradition of selling fish from a cart that she wheeled through her local village, passed down to her by her mother.

When disaster struck, she found herself in the back of a neighbour's van, speeding away from the ensuing giant wave towards a town she worried she would spend the rest of her days in.

In May, her son visited her hometown of Namiemachi, only to return to his mother with pictures of its demise.

The brave woman soldiered on towards the only place she felt at home and to this day is wheeling and selling fish to willing customers.

She told the news provider how her community has banded together to support each other: "I get a lot of energy from talking with my neighbours. We can have a good laugh."

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