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Tuesday, 25th October 2011
In Japan Sports News,

Yaegashi takes WBA title from Thai champ

Japanese boxer Akira Yaegashi smashed his way to a tenth round victory against Thailand's Pornsawan Porpramook to take the title of World Boxing Association minimum weight champion.

In the end it was a technical hitch that afforded the brave fighter his victory, snapping it away from Porpramook, who has held it since July.

The 28-year-old champion now has 15 wins under his belt, including eight inside the distance, plus two defeats.

However, the Thai boxer faced his fourth loss against 23 wins, 16 of which were completed through knockouts, AFP reported.

Although the fight was scheduled to go the full 12 rounds, referee Erkki Meronen called it quits after Yaegashi pinned his 33-year-old opponent to the side of the ring, laying blows to his side from left and right swings.

The Japanese contender admitted he thought the competition was over in the second half when he was hit by a "huge" counter, almost sending him to the floor.

He said: "I thought for a moment that it was over but it was good that I didn't give up," the news provider quoted.

Posted by Mark Smith