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Tuesday, 11th October 2011
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Dragons 'swallow' Central League win

It was a victorious day for Central League leaders the Chunichi Dragons when they took down their closet rivals the Yakult Swallows yesterday (October 10th).

With Daisuke Yamai pitching seven scoreless innings and Ryosuke Hirata hitting a two-run homer, the fierce side beat the Swallows 3-1 to take a 1-1/2 game advantage, the Japan Times reported.

Both Hirata and Yamai were determined to bring their side glory, helping to ensure the Dragon's took the opener of a four-game set.

Despite Yamai feeling as though his previous performances were not up to scratch, the star still managed to yield seven hits, strike out five and walk one.

He told the news provider: "Honestly, I didn't pitch well in my previous two outings and I was a little nervous but I had a strong feeling I wanted to win.

"My pitching wasn't really that good today but every pitch I threw I challenged them as [if] to say hit off me if you can."

The winner of the Central League will proceed to take on the champions of the Pacific League in the Japan Series.

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