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Thursday, 29th September 2011
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Lift of evacuation order could begin return of locals

A move by the Japanese government to lift an evacuation order on one of the zones affected by the nuclear leak in March could attract the return of 29,000 locals.

The unnamed zone, which lies an estimated 12 to 19 miles from Fukushima, is the first to experience such dissolution, the Wall Street Journal reported.

This sees the beginning of an era that will try repatriating 114,000 people back to their homes, with the zone in question harbouring a relatively light level of contamination.

However, the mayor of another affected area, Hirono, highlighted the point it would not be an easy task to encourage people back to their homes.

Mayor Motohoshi Yamada told the news provider: "It doesn't matter if the [evacuation order] is lifted - we can't tell residents to return without some guarantee they'll be safe."

The zone, which is set to be dissolved tomorrow (September 30th), saw most of its 59,000 residents leave after the disaster.

A recent report from the Yomiuri Daily revealed there was a surge in feral dogs in the Fukushima prefecture following the tragedy.

Officials are worried the dogs' puppies could become aggressive wild animals that risk spreading disease to humans.

Posted by Graham McPherson