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Monday, 12th September 2011
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Japanese happy with army response to tsunami

The majority of people in Japan were pleased with the Self-Defense Forces response to the aftermath of the March 11th disasters.

A survey conducted by Yomiuri Shimbun also showed that 73 per cent of respondents were pleased with voluntary efforts, the Daily Yomiuri revealed.

In contrast, however, just six per cent of people surveyed agreed the government had done a good job.

What was increasingly worrying too was that 80 per cent of people fear another earthquake could hit the area in which they live.

This downside, meanwhile, was somewhat offset by the positive revelation that 56 per cent of people said they increasingly valued their relationships with their families.

Firefighters present at the event were also offered commendation, after 52 per cent of respondents said they were impressed with their rescue efforts, with a further 42 per of cent of people pleased with their local governments' response.

Last week the news provider AFP reported a collection of essays charting the disasters had been published after being written by children who described their experiences.

Posted by Graham McPherson