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Tuesday, 30th August 2011
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New Japanese PM appointed

Japan's sixth prime minster in five years was appointed by parliament yesterday (August 29th).

Yoshihiko Noda, part of the Democratic party of Japan, outdid Banri Kaieda in a runoff vote among his party.

He has succeeded Naoto Kan, who was in power for less than three months before announcing his resignation.

Mr Noda, who is 54-years-old, will face a tough battle to bring Japan back on track after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami last March.

After the event, former PM Mr Kan, described it as the country's "most difficult crisis" since the end of World War Two.

Previously Japan's minister for finance, Mr Noda hopes to battle the high yen and deflation as part of his efforts to aid the country's recovery.

He said: "On the topic of fiscal discipline, we need to carry out careful management of the economy and public finances."

The prime minister will undertake his new role from today (August 30th).

Written By Susan Ballion