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Tuesday, 23rd August 2011
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Maehara announces intention to run for PM

Seiji Maehara, the former Japanese foreign minister, has announced his intention to run in the election to be the president of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and therefore become the next prime minister of Japan.

Maehara is currently a member of the Japanese house of representatives and had been considered the front-runner for the poll - to replace currently leader Naoto Kan - before he even announced he would run.

According to the Japan Times, Maehara told a group of supporters that he believes there needs to be a fundamental transformation in the government.

"We have to change the government to give the people hope and a sense of security for the future," he said.

Whoever becomes the new leader of the DPJ will inherit the dubious honour of being the eighth prime minister Japan has had since 2000.

The election will be held next Monday (August 29th), while the leading Japanese party will hold a leadership debate on the Friday before polling day.

Written by Mark Smith