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Thursday, 11th August 2011
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Kan lays out conditions for impending resignation

The Japanese prime minster, Naoto Kan, has set out his exit strategy from power and looks likely to resign within the next few months.

Mr Kan has announced that he will stand down once he has completed work relating to a range of laws currently going through the Diet - the Japanese parliament - reports the Financial Times.

According to the news provider, the current prime minister told a committee from the Japanese parliament's lower house of his plans just yesterday (August 10th).

"Once the three [bills] that I have indicated as [a condition for stepping down] are passed, we will first swiftly conduct an election for the party [leader]," he said.

"When a new party representative is chosen, I will then resign as prime minister."

When Mr Kan - who recently narrowly escaped being removed from his post by a vote of no-confidence - is replaced by another member of his own Democratic Party, it will signal Japan's sixth prime minister in as many years.

Written by Mark Smith