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Friday, 5th August 2011
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Cha Kato marries woman 45 years his junior

Japanese comedian and actor Cha Kato - who turned 68 at the beginning of March this year - has announced his marriage to a 23-year-old woman.

The comedy star wed his new wife Ayana in June of this year, but decided to keep the marriage a secret until Wednesday (August 3rd), when he announced the nuptials.

Mr Kato's new wife - 45 years his junior - is not a member with the celebrity scene in Japan but is a former model who now works as the assistant to the chief executive of a company.

It is reported that the comedian - also known for his work with Japanese rock group the Drifters (unaffiliated to the Motown group with the same name) - described his new wife as a "classic Japanese beauty".

Mr Kato was married to his first wife - to whom he is 18 years senior - in 1987. They divorced in 2003.

Written by Kimberley Homer

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