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Wednesday, 3rd August 2011
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'Cu-Cal' food festival coming to Nagano town this year

Gastronomes in Japan are spoilt for choice with the fantastic restaurants and wonderful fresh, local ingredients; now, things are set to get even better.

That is because the famous Cu-Cal Food Festival is returning to the country. The celebration of food, now in its sixth year, will be held fro August 20th to August 31st in the town of Karuizawa.

Rikuo Nishimori, one of the organisers of the food festival, told Japan Times that this year's theme - of 'local production' - is the latest in a long line of different twists that the event has had.

"Every year we do something a little different," he told the news provider.

"The first year, we created an atmosphere that resembled a food court. From the second year, we began borrowing unused restaurant spaces and developed the idea of the Chef's Counter, where the chefs could interact with the audience."

Over 15,000 people attended the event, while the organisers hope that twice that number will get involved this time around.

Written by Susan Ballion

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