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Thursday, 28th July 2011
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Flash of colour mysteriously added to Osaka statues

A splash of colour was introduced to Osaka's main road earlier this week, when statues on the pavement were mysteriously dressed in dazzling red dresses.

On Monday (July 25th), commuters travelling through Midosuji Boulevard would have found it to be quite different from the previous Friday, as the famous bronze statues were adorned with the clothes in the dead of night.

Kunio Hiramatsu, the mayor of Osaka, said that the governing body was not looking to prosecute and may even consider a collaboration with the mischievous fashionista.

"We'd like to know who did it, but we're not looking to press charges," he said.

"It has been an interesting incident and it has got people's attention, but if the street were to become a venue for this kind of fashion show regularly, it would be difficult for us, so let's do this kind of thing together."

Midosuki Boulevard is part of a high-class shopping district, with companies such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Apple having outlets on the street.

Written by Kimberley Homer 

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