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Thursday, 21st July 2011
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First McDonald's of a 'new direction' opens in Roppongi Hills

The largest McDonald's restaurant in the whole of eastern Japan has opened, but more importantly, the new establishment is the first of many eateries which will be launched with a "new direction" in mind.

Located in Roppongi Hills, the restaurant - which can seat up to 301 people - is much more spacious than traditional McDonald's, while the tables are partitioned with glass screens to give privacy and light.

The building has two floors, the bottom of which will serve coffee and deserts, while the upper floor will serve the meals for which the fast food giant is known, according to Japan Today.

Eiko Harada, who is the chief executive officer of McDonald's in Japan, has said that he hopes this new breed of restaurant will lead to more money for the multinational corporation.

"I'd like to see McDonald’s sell 300 million yen's worth of fast food this year," he said.

The first restaurant in the fast food chain was founded by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940.

Written by Kimblerley Homer