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Monday, 18th July 2011
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Japan considering ban on cattle shipments

Japan is to ban cattle shipments from the area around Fukushima, as fears grow about the potential of radioactive meat.

The country's government is preparing to implement the ban after it discovered that meat from 136 cows contained high levels of a radioactive element called caesium.

Fukushima was rocked after a tsunami in March led to a core meltdown at the Fukishima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

It is believed that cattle had been fed contaminated rice straw harvested in the area following the incident.

Goshi Hosono, cabinet minister responsible for the nuclear cleanup, said: "The most likely outcome is t hat we will ban beef shipments.

"We are discussing the matter along these lines. We have to ensure food safety."

According to local reports, the risk of contamination may affect farms as far as 60 miles away from the power plant.

Earlier this month, the president of Kyushu Electric Power Company was criticised after it emerged that phony emails had been sent in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster to make it appear as if there was strong public support for reactivating the reactors.

Written by Susan Ballion