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Wednesday, 13th July 2011
In Japan Entertainment News,

AKB48 to choose singer of next single by 'janken'

Japanese girl group AKB48 has announced that it is set to hold a competition to decide who will sing the latest single.

This may not seem like an orthodox way to choose a lead singer, but AKB48 are nothing like an orthodox band. The group has 47 members, the latest of which - called Aimi Eguchi - was generated by computer.

AKB48's next single, set to be released in December, will be their 24th since their conception in 2005. It is rare that the sales for these singles drop below the one million-mark.

On September 20th, all members of the band will take part in a game of 'janken', the game that is widely known as 'rock paper scissors' in the United Kingdom.

According to Japan Today, the competition will be held at the Nippon Budokan indoor arena, in Tokyo.

In Japan, AKB48 are known for their singles Sakura no Ki ni Naro, Chance no Junban and Heavy Rotation.

Written by Susan Ballion