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Wednesday, 6th July 2011
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New member of Japanese girl group is computerised

The latest member of a huge Japanese girl group - the biggest girl group in the world in fact - is a little bit different to all of her friends, in that she was made by a computer.

Eguchi Aimi, who was revealed as the latest member of the group AKB48 last month, is actually made up of pictures of six other band members.

The new member of the band has even appeared on the front cover of Weekly Playboy - a Japanese music magazine not at all related to its US counterpart.

AKB48 - which is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest pop group in the world - is now 58-members strong.

A video has been posted on the group's Youtube page showing how Eguchi Aimi was put together using a composite image of other band members.

An application has since been launched for mobile devices allowing people to create their own member for the band, using the same techniques used to manufacture Eguchi Aimi

Written by Susan Ballion

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