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Tuesday, 5th July 2011
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Up-market sushi restaurant launched in Tokyo's Mandarin Oriental hotel

A brand new up-market sushi restaurant has been opened on the 38th floor of Tokyo's Mandarin Oriental hotel.

The new establishment, Sushi SORA, will offer very fresh sushi, with the fish being bought daily from the nearby Tsukiji fish market.

SORA comes from the Japanese word meaning 'sky', which seems fitting, considering the high up location of the restaurant.

The head sushi chef of the restaurant will be Yuji Imaizumi, who has honed his craft in restaurants around Japan. In a statement, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group reserved special praise for the sushi master.

"Yuji Imaizumi has 18 years of refined experience and promises to enchant his 'audience' with his gracious and elegant hand movements, that can be observed when preparing sushi," it reads.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group owns some of the most prestigious hotels in the world, including a five-star Hyde Park location which is home to Heston Blumenthal's London restaurant, called Dinner.

Written by Mark Smith