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Thursday, 30th June 2011
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Two new disaster-centric roles created in Japanese cabinet

New roles have been added to the Japanese cabinet in prime minister Naoto Kan's response to March's natural disasters.

The new posts, which comprise one role overseeing the rebuilding of one specific area and a more general position, were announced by the under fire prime minister on Monday (June 27th).

Goshi Hosono, formerly a special aide, will now be the minister in charge of the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, while Ryu Matsumoto - the former environment minister - has the wider role of minister in charge of reconstruction.

Mr Matsumoto has unofficially been in charge of delivering aid and removing debris to thousands of people in disaster-hit areas, but has not received the new cabinet post.

A recent survey carried out by Nikkei and TV Tokyo Corporation found that 42 per cent of voters polled want the PM out of office immediately, while overall, almost two-thirds want him to stand down by August.

Written by Susan Ballion