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Wednesday, 29th June 2011
In Japan Entertainment News,

Final episode of Jin gets huge viewing figures

The season finale of Jin, one of the biggest television shows in Japan, reached 26.1 per cent of the country, according to recently released statistics.

Viewing figures reveal that the drama's average ratings across the series reached 21.3 per cent.

The story revolves around Jin Minakata, a brain surgeon who is racked with guilt as his wife lies in a coma she slipped into after an operation he performed.

He then finds himself transported back to the Edo period in Japanese history, where he "saves lives and meets historical figures", according to Japan Today.

Takao Osawa, who plays the eponymous surgeon, told the news provider about the restorative effects of entertainment, saying he hoped watching Jin helped people through the tough times since the March 11th disasters.

"If we were able to spread a little courage and energy around Japan at this time, I am pleased," he said.

Written by Mark Smith  

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