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Thursday, 23rd June 2011
In Japan Sports News,

Ryohei Yamanaka tests positive for banned substance after trying to grow moustache

Japanese rugby player Ryohei Yamanaka is likely to miss out on the upcoming world cup after failing a drugs test.

In an odd twist, it appears that the reason he tested positive for steroids because he was using hair-growth cream to try and grow a moustache.

The International Rugby Board (IRB) has slapped Mr Yamanaka with a ban of at least six months, which rules him out of this September's Rugby World Cup.

John Kirwan, the head coach of the Japanese national rugby team, told The Score that the rugby ace had been trying to grow a bit of upper-lip foliage.

"I spoke to him at the time. I don't think he was aware of the severity of it. We spent 24 hours trying to find out what he had taken," he said "It was a little tube of hair-growth cream. He just didn't think.

"From what I gather he's innocent, but [the IRB] take a dim view."

Written by Mark Smith