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Wednesday, 22nd June 2011
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Tokyo prepares for the Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai fireworks

Japan's capital is preparing itself for a river-based firework extravaganza, set to be held in two months time.

The Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai - or the Sumida River Fireworks Display - will take place on Tokyo's main waterway on August 27th.

Usually held on the last Saturday of July, the date of the event has been moved this year.

The Japan National Tourism Organisation recommended two particular spots for people who want to catch the best view of the tens of thousands of fireworks to be set off.

Firstly, people standing between the downstream area of Sakurabashi Bridge and upstream of Kototoibashi Bridge will have a great view. The tourism body also recommended setting up from downstream of Komagatabashi Bridge to upstream of Umayabashi Bridge.

If there is heavy rain or other adverse weather, the fireworks will be postponed, but the event will go ahead if there is only a light drizzle.

Written by Mark Smith

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