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Tuesday, 10th May 2011
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Leading politician steps down over game of golf

The vice president of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) has stepped down from his role on the disaster task force, after being found playing golf in Manila on a business trip to the Philippines.

However, Hajime Ishii, who is a prominent member of the ruling party, will remain as the deputy leader of the DPJ and head of the election campaign committee, the Associated Press reports.

Mr Ishii's decision not to resign completely from public office is likely to draw fierce criticism from opposing parties in Japan, the news provider added.

The two politicians who joined him on the trip, Masayoshi Nataniya and Yukio Ubukata, have also tendered their resignations as chiefs of parliamentary committees.

When questioned about his decision to take time out to play a game of golf during a major national crisis, Mr Ishii said last week: "I thought it would be invisible if it was abroad."

Written by Susan Ballion