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Friday, 6th May 2011
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Japanese politicians shamed over golf break

Three Japanese lawmakers have been caught playing a round of golf in the suburbs of Manila, and this game is likely to spark criticism from many opponents back home.

All three men are members of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), including the deputy head of the earthquake and tsunami task force and party vice-president Hajime Ishii, who said he hoped not to be spotted, Kyodo News reported.

"I thought it would be invisible if it was abroad," he said, before acknowledging that many may be angered by his decision to take a leisure break.

When asked if he expected criticism for his actions, Mr Ishii added: "I guess they would wonder what the heck I'm doing."

The golf trip, which was arranged as part of a business visit to the Philippines, is expected to draw fierce criticism, as it is seen as a sign of complacency from the politicians.

Around 100,000 Japanese are still living in temporary accommodation following the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.

Written by Susan Ballion