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Thursday, 7th April 2011
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Taiwan TV show apologises for Emperor parody

A Taiwanese TV comedy programme has apologised after it featured a sketch involving a parody of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko.

The skit, which appeared on CTiTV's The People's Biggest Party show, was broadcast last week (March 31st) and made light of a visit by the Emperor and Empress to an earthquake relief shelter.

Right-wing groups were outraged by the flippant depiction of the Emperor, who is held in high regard among many Japanese.

Furthermore, the host of Japanese media organisation Channel Sakura and a handful of his supporters staged a protest outside Taiwan's de-facto embassy in Tokyo, the Associated Press reported.

The offending scenes included making fun of the Emperor kneeling and standing again while meeting disaster victims, and the empress, as played by a male actor, commenting humorously on the presence of radiation.

CTiTV said on Tuesday (April 4th) on its website that the sketch meant no harm, but that because it had caused offence, apologies had been issued.

Written by Mark Smith