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Tuesday, 5th April 2011
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Jackie Chan raises 280 million yen for quake relief

A concert organised by kung-fu superstar Jackie Chan has raised nearly 300 million yen for quake relief efforts in Japan, it has been reported.

The martial arts legend, 56, put together the event in his native Hong Kong's Victoria Park, along with singers such as Alan Tam, Shirley Kwan and Chinese-American rapper Jin.

Chan told that the show, which also included a live performance from Lionel Ritchie via satellite, was put together in just 11 days.

He said of the total raised: "It'd be more substantial if I can match the sum. The worst thing would be to ask others to give but not give yourself."

As a result, the grand total from the concert could top 500 million yen.

Furthermore, the group of around 100 artists involved in the show has released a song, called Succumb Not To Sorrow, which is based on a traditional Japanese poem.

Written by Susan Ballion